Monday, June 6, 2011

Handbags NOT Made in USA - Rebecca Minkoff

In our first post, we outlined a cautionary tale. This was a story of a young designer expanding quickly and leaving their US manufacturers in order to make more units overseas. One contemporary designer who used to manufacture in New York, but who then took all her production to China is Rebecca Minkoff. Her bags are very popular, but as she has grown she has angered many of her core fans, and has experienced a serious dilution of her brand quality, style, and customer loyalty.

Rebecca Minkoff bags are stylish, and liked by celebrities. They can now be found all over the place, including most of the large discounters, frequently on sample sale websites, and in Macy's where an even more cut-rate version of her handbags can be found languishing on the main floor. She started with her Morning After Bag, a style with a clever name and instant popularity. Unfortunately, having branched out too much without innovating in design, and mass producing more and more products in China, her brand has started to lose its appeal.

Here is one discussion thread talking about how Rebecca Minkoff has lost her groove. We think one of the main reasons she has lost her way is because Rebecca Minkoff handbags are NOT made in USA.

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